amin-pathanMr. Amin Pathan is currently allied as Chairman with Rajwada Cricket League (R.C.L.). Also, he is the Vice President of Rajasthan Cricket Association. His involvement with the “on and off field” cricket has been for more than two decades now. As many others, his affection for cricket too started from the streets and progressively reached the green oval. Teenager Pathan represented Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan under different junior age group tournaments. He was always applauded as an intelligent utility cricketer who could bowl deadly out -swingers and use the willow in accordance to the match situation. “Being passionate about something is extremely demanding, but that is what elevates it from merely being a hobby”

The above thought truly justifies the persona of Mr. Amin Pathan. A stage arrived wherein, due to personal commitments he eventually had to start focusing on his family business. Nonetheless, the commitments could only keep his body away from the cricketing action, his soul was always with cricket and mind was active thinking about something big. In order to stay close to cricket, Mr. Amin Pathan established his own cricket academy in the year 1995.

 Today, his centre for cricket development plays an influential role in highlighting Kota District Cricket Association.

Whilst, initiation of a cricket academy was a kick on, he took the cricketing development to a grand level with Rajwada Cricket League (R.C.L.) in the year 2016. This promising event provided the much needed oxygen to cricket in the state of Rajasthan. A disciplined and vigorous cricketing structure was need of the hour and he was sharp to spot that.

His visibility as an able cricket administrator earned him the prestigious post of the secretary of the Kota District Cricket Association in year 2003. Till date, he holds the post because of his effective leadership and planning skills.

Year 2005 was one of those significant periods of his life as he was elected as the Joint Secretary of the Rajasthan Cricket Association. This announced his arrival on the grand stage of cricket administration. His disciplined and progressive attitude led him to be appointed as a member of junior cricket committee of BCCI. He was also instrumental with his efforts during the 2008 and 2009 IPL seasons organized in India and South Africa correspondingly.

Alongside, cricket administration, Mr. Amin Pathan is serving the Government of Rajasthan as a State Minister and Chairman of Haj Committee. He has always been considered as a reputed political face amongst masses. Having joined Bharatiya Janata Party in the year 1995, he has covered a long and thriving journey with the party. His first major break in the field of politics came when he was elected as secretary of the B.J.P State Minority Morcha in the year 2000. This was followed by another resounding achievement in 2004 when he won elections for the post of Councilor – Nagar Nigam Kota. It was a clear indication of his rising aura when he was appointed as one of the members in the national executive committee of B.J.P Minority Morcha. Mr. Amin Pathan was at the pinnacle of his career as alongside cricket, he also gripped popularity within state politics.

The aura further augmented when he was appointed as the State president of B.J.P. Minority Morcha in 2011. In this role too, he justified the faith bestowed on him and cooperatively helped the party clinch record victory in both State and national elections in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

Last but not least, though, he plays two totally different roles, it is creditable on his part to stay loyal with both of them.

Indeed, he has brought in the required revolution in cricket with the inception of his brainchild, Rajwada Premier League (R.C.L.).

He believes that Rajwada Premier League (R.C.L.) will help him fulfill his dream of uplifting the cricketing structure not only in the state of Rajasthan but worldwide.